Syndicate Your Podcasts and Advertise on The Bridge, has a diverse and worldwide audience. Our demographic is comprised of classic soul music lovers of all ages, 
and all ethnic backgrounds in the United States, Canada, and in over a dozen countries!  

Soul music from the ’80s, ’90s, and 21st century is enjoyed particularly by men & women aged 35 years and older. Many of our listeners are serving around the world in the Armed Forces although soul is a popular American music genre in many countries.

The Bridge streams seamlessly on all internet browsers and plays on all internet-based devices. Our station can also be accessed on TuneIn Radio. Our software confirms the number and location of listeners at any given time, so you can be assured of how many listeners hear your podcast and where they’re located.

Airtime on The Bridge comes with a free feature on our website, with promotional airdrops, and a direct link to your homepage.

The Bridge will offer you the most competitive rate and match any offer. We want to promote your podcast, with a dedicated weekly time slot for a nominal monthly fee.

For Podcast Airtime and Advertising Inquiries

Contact – Karen Hairston Franzel
(407) 227-1447