Michael Franks

Michael Franks

Tuesday, 09 February 2016

The Art of Michael…
A virtuoso is someone who is dazzlingly skilled in any field. Michael
Franks is a lyrical virtuoso who can dream weave a simple ballad into a
magical excursion on Aladdin’s carpet that will allow any passenger to
travel mystically from Bahia to NYC as well as to Tokyo. His sensual
“whisper like crooning” has captivated audiences since the 70’s and each
one of his songs has a sensational and unique way of allowing listeners to
remember the very first moment they were mesmerized by his voice. There is
no one that can imitate his tone quality or timbre.
The lyrics seem to slide off of his tongue as effortless as a cool
spoonful of your favorite flavor of gelato slipping down your throat…
delicious, satisfying, scrumptious, and simply Michael.  His whisper has a
calming effect like the chimes in the wind.  “My love is like a raging
river” and the chaunteur has taught his followers the “art of love” in the
most romantic, intimate, poetic fashion. He isn’t just a musician; he is a
soother of the heart and spirit.   A simple “Walk in the Rain” is a
private journey that he shared between him and the listener.  He has
collaborated with a cornucopia of the world’s most celebrated artists.
Joe Sample and the Crusaders, Peggy Lee,  Crossfire, David Sanborn, Brenda
Russell, Art Garfunkel, Earl Klugh, The Yellowjackets, Flora Purim, Patti
Austin and many more.

From Living on the Inside to When Sly Calls or String of Pearls, Eggplant,
The Lady Wants to Know, Innuendo, or even I Love Lucy, the one common
thread that he intricately weaves is “samba.”  It is permeated like the
hint of island monoi, within everything he touches thanks to his dear
mentor Antonio Carlos Jobim.

Mindscape and enjoy listening to Michael Franks, as he is the featured

Article written by Tracey Smith(©) ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.